Who we are, where we are and how we operate

Our goals

It all began in 1960 when in a district in the eastern area of ​​Naples (San Giovanni a Teduccio), Andrea, the current grandfather of the owners of the Fusionmet company, set up the first company together with his son Giovanni, a ready-to-wear company to market ferrous and non-ferrous scrap throughout Italy.
During the post-war period the need to produce copper, brass, iron and aluminum materials increased exponentially, so Andrea and Giovanni worked to deal with the intensification of the metal trade.
Already in the 60s the company included in its equipment package, self-propelled loaders, forklifts, demountable vehicles and an Idromec shear press for scrap processing. From the 2000s until today, the business has evolved and expanded thanks to the entry of children and grandchildren up to the establishment of Metalcoop in 2012.
The development of recent years has led to the need to develop new technologies both to cope with new emerging markets and to improve quality standards. For this reason it was necessary to undertake new investments with the contribution of greater financial and human resources, which led to the establishment in 2017 of the company Fusionmet, a joint-stock company founded by the Ciaramella family which continued the Metalcoop activity by taking over the management of the current industrial plant of about 47,000 square meters, of which about 10,000 covered square meters located in the ASI area of ​​Marcianise CE.

The way we were

How we are